Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Denim Shirts

The time has come. After days of going back and forth, I finally decided to do a blog post about this trend. You may have noticed that the denim shirt was introduced in the Chloe collection for fall 2010. Now, the denim shirt is coming out from A LOT of brands...JCrew, Mossimo at Target, Vince, etc. I was initially annoyed with this trend for one reason - there are people out in the world who will claim they have been rocking this look for years. However, these people DO NOT wear the denim shirt in the correct form or fashion. So, Nascar lovers beware - your precious denim shirts are taking over in a more fashion savvy way. Deal with it. I know in spring the denim on denim thing was in style but it's not a lifestyle. These shirts are great because it's not over masculine or super girly. The denim shirt is very practical and actually a GREAT substitute for the oh so classic white button down. It goes well with A LOT of what we all already have in our closet. You can wear it uptown chic or roughed up for hipster appeal. I'll be purchasing one and wearing it for a while. But more than that, I think this is the kind of piece we should all hang on to even after the trend dies out because this kind of trend will come back in. I guarantee it. You can buy it here.

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