Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Animal Lover

Hi my name is Jessica and I'm a Louboutin Addict. I tried to avoid them for so many years and eventually caved at a Barney's sample sale. I will post some pictures of the Louboutin Fall Collection soon, but for now, let's relax and enjoy the view. How sexy are these? Leopard pumps are meant to be worn with clothes that match (black/brown/tan) and clothes that don't match (floral, plaid, stripes). If you're afraid to wear them with a different print...sigh...I understand. You are not alone. Many women feel this way, so my recommendation is to wear them with a color besides black, brown or tan. I personally LOVE a purple, red, or a blue dress with leopard pumps (or leopard booties). These are definitely pricey but they will take you into every season. Although most animal prints are featured during the fall, you can and should wear animal print all year round. You can find these here and you can find a cheaper alternative here

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