Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Go big or go home

It's rare that I find a pair of earrings that are too big. Big earrings make ANY outfit pop. They show tons of personality and confidence. This will no doubt be my first of many blog posts about the need to wear large earrings. I have found that earrings are the most important piece of jewelry because most people look at your face (hopefully) before anything else. I went a little easy on you and only chose to feature earrings that are 2.5 inches long...I personally prefer 3.0-3.5 inches. But these simple gold earrings by the super talented Alexis Bittar can be worn with so many different things. The teardrop shape works with any haircut and face shape. The woven detail really shows the work that went into making such a great piece of jewelry. You can find these here

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